AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2017-02-10aarch64: disable interrupts when stepping [WIP]Matthias Welwarsky-0/+32
2017-02-10aarch64: use correct instruction for software breakpointsMatthias Welwarsky-3/+6
2017-02-10aarch64: report the correct reason for halting after singlestepMatthias Welwarsky-13/+14
2017-02-10aarch64: fix register listMatthias Welwarsky-33/+33
2017-02-10aarch64: fix duplication of register cacheMatthias Welwarsky-3/+5
2017-02-10aarch64: remove code for AHB-AP supportMatthias Welwarsky-181/+31
2017-02-10aarch64: fix stepping from addressMatthias Welwarsky-1/+1
2017-02-10aarch64: remove references to armv7-rMatthias Welwarsky-19/+9
2017-02-10aarch64: fix armv8_set_core_reg when destination is cpsrMatthias Welwarsky-2/+8
2017-02-10aarch64: unify armv7-a and armv8 debug entry decodingMatthias Welwarsky-33/+21
2017-02-10aarch64: use correct A64 instructions for cache handlingMatthias Welwarsky-11/+10
2017-02-10aarch64: fix first examinationMatthias Welwarsky-51/+42
2017-02-10aarch64: correct display for aarch64 stateMatthias Welwarsky-11/+29
2017-02-10aarch64: use symbolic constant for register countMatthias Welwarsky-4/+3
2017-02-10aarch64: remove armv7-a virt-to-phys codeMatthias Welwarsky-93/+27
2017-02-10aarch64: clear breakpoint value register on removalMatthias Welwarsky-0/+27
2017-02-10aarch64: correct breakpoint register offsetMatthias Welwarsky-7/+4
2017-02-10aarch64: fix cache identificationMatthias Welwarsky-28/+18
2017-02-10aarch64: fix reading of translation table registersMatthias Welwarsky-11/+100
2017-02-10aarch64: fix entry into debug stateMatthias Welwarsky-20/+16
2017-02-10aarch64: use symbolic opcodes instead of hex valuesMatthias Welwarsky-7/+6
2017-02-10aarch64: fix accesses to SCTLR_ELn registerMatthias Welwarsky-27/+142
2017-02-10aarch64: fix error recovery in aarch64_dpm_prepareMatthias Welwarsky-4/+8
2017-02-10aarch64: formalize use of CTI in halt and resumeMatthias Welwarsky-57/+68
2017-02-10aarch64: fix context and hybrid hardware breakpointsMatthias Welwarsky-10/+17
2017-02-10aarch64: deconflict debug register namesMatthias Welwarsky-127/+131
2017-02-10aarch64: Implement MA mode for bulk memory reads and writesMatthias Welwarsky-84/+165
2017-02-10aarch64: make DCC read/write functions operate on struct armv8_commonMatthias Welwarsky-30/+31
2017-02-10aarch64: introduce dpm extension for ARMv8Matthias Welwarsky-260/+1400
2017-02-10target: add -ctibase config option in addition to -dbgbaseMatthias Welwarsky-1/+21
2017-02-10aarch64: fix reading of MPIDRMatthias Welwarsky-1/+2
2017-02-10aarch64: add symbolic definitions for armv8 opcodesMatthias Welwarsky-0/+127
2017-02-10aarch64: Correct target state for hardware stepDavid Ung-2/+12
2017-02-10aarch64: Enable resuming with addressDavid Ung-9/+5
2017-02-10aarch64: Add instruction stepping support using hardware steppierre Kuo-36/+14
2017-02-10aarch64: Enable halting debug mode on breakpoint setDavid Ung-0/+12
2017-02-10aarch64: Add hardware breakpoint supportpierre Kuo-20/+19
2017-02-10aarch64: Add ARMv8 AARCH64 support filesDavid Ung-9/+3701
2017-02-10arm_dpm: Add 64bit register handling.David Ung-86/+257
2017-02-10arm_dpm: Add new state ARM_STATE_AARCH64David Ung-0/+8
2017-02-10server: Allow 64 address to be send over GBD serverDavid Ung-13/+13
2017-02-10target: Add 64-bit target address supportDongxue Zhang-546/+728
2017-01-23Restore normal development cyclePaul Fertser-124/+157
2017-01-22The openocd-0.10.0 releasePaul Fertser-1/+1
2017-01-22NEWS: last pre-release changesPaul Fertser-1/+1
2017-01-20arm_dpm: avoid duplicating the register cacheMatthias Welwarsky-4/+7
2017-01-15Restore -dev suffixPaul Fertser-1/+1
2017-01-15The openocd-0.10.0-rc2 release candidatePaul Fertser-1/+1
2017-01-15NEWS: mention SWO capture facility of the new J-Link driverPaul Fertser-2/+2
2017-01-15jtag: core: report TRST and SRST as asserted only when they really arePaul Fertser-2/+2