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authorDave Platt <dplatt@radagast.org>2016-12-15 22:29:16 -0800
committerDave Platt <dplatt@radagast.org>2016-12-15 22:56:09 -0800
commit6585b6f60d07a196e42c99b935e2754bbc80b3c8 (patch)
parentf58ce8f9201364bd0fe28ef736d4b1345f3f71b2 (diff)
avision.c: Add "skip-adf" option
The code which tries aggressively to reset/initialize HP 82xx/83xx Automatic Document Feeders doesn't work well if there's no ADF attached, because the scanner reports a non-zero ADF model type in this case. The retry code makes several attempts to initialize the ADF, and then bails out with an "Operation not supported" error. Add a new "option skip-adf" which will cause the backend to believe the "ADF not present" status if that's what the scanner reports. Fixes #313751
2 files changed, 22 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/backend/avision.c b/backend/avision.c
index 8120090..042f51c 100644
--- a/backend/avision.c
+++ b/backend/avision.c
@@ -1277,6 +1277,9 @@ static SANE_Bool force_calibration = SANE_FALSE;
static SANE_Bool force_a4 = SANE_FALSE;
static SANE_Bool force_a3 = SANE_FALSE;
+/* trust ADF-presence flag, even if ADF model is nonzero */
+static SANE_Bool skip_adf = SANE_FALSE;
/* hardware resolutions to interpolate from */
static const int hw_res_list_c5[] =
@@ -3218,11 +3221,13 @@ get_accessories_info (Avision_Scanner* s)
dev->inquiry_duplex = 1;
dev->inquiry_duplex_interlaced = 0;
- } else if (result[0] == 0 && result[2] != 0) {
+ } else if (result[0] == 0 && result[2] != 0 && !skip_adf) {
/* Sometimes the scanner will report that there is no ADF attached, yet
* an ADF model number will still be reported. This happens on the
* HP8200 series and possibly others. In this case we need to reset the
- * the adf and try reading it again.
+ * the adf and try reading it again. Skip this if the configuration says
+ * to do so, so that we don't fail out the scanner as being broken and
+ * unsupported if there isn't actually an ADF present.
DBG (3, "get_accessories_info: Found ADF model number but the ADF-present flag is not set. Trying to recover...\n");
status = adf_reset (s);
@@ -7627,6 +7632,11 @@ sane_reload_devices (void)
force_a3 = SANE_TRUE;
+ else if (strcmp (word, "skip-adf") == 0) {
+ DBG (3, "sane_reload_devices: config file line %d: enabling skip-adf\n",
+ linenumber);
+ skip_adf = SANE_TRUE;
+ }
else if (strcmp (word, "static-red-calib") == 0) {
DBG (3, "sane_reload_devices: config file line %d: static red calibration\n",
diff --git a/doc/sane-avision.man b/doc/sane-avision.man
index 299bb72..6a991b6 100644
--- a/doc/sane-avision.man
+++ b/doc/sane-avision.man
@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ a hash mark (#) are ignored. A sample configuration file is shown below:
option force\-a4
option force\-a3
+ option skip\-adf
option disable\-gamma\-table
option disable\-calibration
@@ -61,6 +62,15 @@ known to return bogus data are marked in the backend
so if you need this option please report this to the
backend maintainer. USE WITH CARE!
+Forces the backend to ignore an inconsistent ADF
+status returned by the scanner (ADF not present, but
+ADF model number non-zero). Without this option, the
+backend will make several attempts to reset the ADF
+and retry the query in this situation, and will fail
+with a "not supported" error if the ADF still doesn't
Disables the usage of the scanner's gamma-table. You
might try this if your scans hang or only produces