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2017-01-06Revert "pixma_mp150.c: Fix scanbutton detection for MB5000 series"HEADmasterLouis Lagendijk-2/+1
This reverts commit 53aa78df3a6980791ce250c471d019c5c59b83ec.
2017-01-06Revert "pixma_mp150.c: fix 1200 dpi scanning for MB5000 series"Louis Lagendijk-2/+1
This reverts commit dfc5487571ed2915bda7bdedbd4c79015004361b.
2017-01-06Revert "pixma_mp150.c: scan param 0x26-0x29 should contain localtime HHMM, ↵Louis Lagendijk-8/+5
also for MB5000 series" This reverts commit eb712c6bd8ca6a42a1d3941583fa18b9981b8712.
2017-01-06Revert "pixma_mp150.c: replace multiple if statements with case statement in ↵Louis Lagendijk-41/+35
handle_interrupt" This reverts commit 28dcd0aef4ac91b87527c17c8aa89e879f39f20d.
2017-01-06Revert "pixma_mp150.c: fix parameter settings for MB5000 in send_scan_param"Louis Lagendijk-32/+20
This reverts commit 1d2a40ec96aea0ba183415efea570301159d4159.
2017-01-06Update the sane-pixma man-page for the new timout setting option.Louis Lagendijk-8/+26
2017-01-06Added examples for new bjnp timer settings in the pixma config fileLouis Lagendijk-4/+4
2016-12-31Added timeout options for the bjnp protocolLouis Lagendijk-47/+131
2016-12-30Remove incorrect comment left from old versionLouis Lagendijk-1/+0
2016-12-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/sane/sane-backendsLouis Lagendijk-1866/+2267
2016-12-18Sort backends with LC_COLLATE=COlaf Meeuwissen-4/+4
2016-12-17Update git repositor write access infoOlaf Meeuwissen-54/+54
2016-12-17Fix typoOlaf Meeuwissen-1/+1
2016-12-15avision.c: abort "wait for light" loop if interruptedDave Platt-0/+10
Adds a "cancelled" flag to the Avision device structure, cleared in sane_start() and set in sane_cancel(). Test this flag in wait_4_light() and bail out of the 90-second "wait for the light to warm up" loop if the scan is cancelled.
2016-12-15avision.c: Recognize "backlight on" statusDave Platt-4/+12
Avision scanners can return an additional light-status value meaning "Transparent Media Adapter back-light is on". Accept this as equivalent to "on" during the lamp-warmup check prior to starting a scan. Re-check the light status after sending the window command, as the light selection might have been changed and a further warm-up may be required.
2016-12-15avision.c: Add "skip-adf" optionDave Platt-2/+22
The code which tries aggressively to reset/initialize HP 82xx/83xx Automatic Document Feeders doesn't work well if there's no ADF attached, because the scanner reports a non-zero ADF model type in this case. The retry code makes several attempts to initialize the ADF, and then bails out with an "Operation not supported" error. Add a new "option skip-adf" which will cause the backend to believe the "ADF not present" status if that's what the scanner reports. Fixes #313751
2016-12-02HP3500: Always enable the second set of CCDs. ThisTroy Rollo-7/+7
prevents ghosting that occurs when only enabling the first set of CCDs, even though at some resolutions we will not get any data from the second set.
2016-12-02HP3500: Move to scan area more quickly if it is aTroy Rollo-52/+115
long way from the home position
2016-11-29Add missing math library to HP3500 backend link flagsTroy Rollo-3/+3
2016-11-29HP3500 backend: fix #314811, greatly improveTroy Rollo-189/+481
calibration, support harware calibration in 120DPI and 400DPI, and add support for hardware gamma correction.
2016-11-06Forgoten comma in backends man pages list.Alex Belkin-1/+1
2016-11-06Pre-create temporary file for Jpeg scanning.Alex Belkin-0/+10
Jpeg mode (as submitted by Samsung developer) uses temporary file with fixed name. This opens attacks on reading its content or overwriting any other user-writable file (with symlink). This change pre-creates temporary file with O_CREAT|O_EXCL and mode 0600. Assuming usual +t permissions for tmp this should mitigate issue.
2016-11-06Update header and copyright statements for xerox_mfp.Alex Belkin-8/+14
2016-11-06Indent of xerox_mfp-tcp.c and xerox_mfp-usb.cAlex Belkin-129/+129
This is purely indent commit without any code changes, in follow-up to 83bbcfe7d546b4d0cd28269b647fb558c6a1e00a. Indent command used: astyle -A8 -U -H -k3 -W3 -o xerox_mfp-{usb,tcp}.c Proof that code is not changed: git log -w -p xerox_mfp-{usb,tcp}.c
2016-11-06Update xerox_mfp man page.Alex Belkin-38/+21
2016-11-06Update sane.man to index xerox_mfp backend.Alex Belkin-0/+7
2016-11-06Run indent: astyle -A8 -U -H -k3 -W3 -o xerox_mfp.[ch]Alex Belkin-1256/+1257
This is purely indent commit w/o any code changes. To prove run `git diff -w`.
2016-10-08fujitsu backend v132m. allan noah-121/+76
- remove ipc_mode option and variables - set ipc mode based on other options - cleanup inverted logic DTC options - fixes threshold option reported in #315069
2016-10-08pixma: backend version 0.17.34Rolf Bensch-2/+2
2016-10-08pixma: new scanner Canon PIXMA MG3000 SeriesRolf Bensch-2/+13
see bug report #315521
2016-10-05pixma: backend version 0.17.33Rolf Bensch-2/+5
2016-10-05fix ADF scanning for Canon MF57x0 devicesRolf Bensch-13/+21
- ignore result from calibrate(): don't interrupt @ PIXMA_STATUS_BUSY - MF57x0 devices don't require abort_session() after the last page - reported by Dmitry Deshevoy
2016-09-25AWARE: Treat compiler warnings as errors on debian-8-mini too!Olaf Meeuwissen-0/+1
2016-09-25Sync autofooOlaf Meeuwissen-3/+21
2016-09-25sane-find-scanner: disable USB if not supportedOlaf Meeuwissen-2/+5
This fixes a [-Wpedantic] compiler warning about ISO C forbidding empty translation units. The check-usb-chip.c file reduces to such a file in the case USB support was explicitly disabled or no usable library found.
2016-09-25sanei_pp: fix [-Wcpp] compiler warningOlaf Meeuwissen-3/+1
The `#warning` directive is turned into an error by `-Werror`. The directive triggers is guaranteed to trigger with __GNUC__ when no parallel support is available. This would prevent strict CI builds. Output a message with all compilers that understand the pragma. Those that don't should ignore it, according to C99.
2016-09-25sanei_usb: : fix [-Wunused-parameter] compiler warningsOlaf Meeuwissen-4/+7
These were issued in the absence of libusb.
2016-09-25xerox_mfp: fix [-Wunused-parameter] compiler warningsOlaf Meeuwissen-2/+3
These are issued when libjpeg was not found during configuration.
2016-09-21Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/sane/sane-backendsLouis Lagendijk-35708/+58730
2016-09-21AWARE: Treat compiler warnings as errors on debian-8-fullOlaf Meeuwissen-1/+2
This build became compiler warning free in ee550e5d. Let's keep it that way!
2016-09-21Fix USB ID typoOlaf Meeuwissen-1/+1
2016-09-20pieusb: fix [-Wunused-parameter] compiler warningsOlaf Meeuwissen-118/+0
The functions that trigger these warnings were not used.
2016-09-19Merge commentsOlaf Meeuwissen-9/+1
This gets rid of a missing :usbid warning.
2016-09-19Merge duplicate entryOlaf Meeuwissen-7/+1
2016-09-19Add missing USB IDsOlaf Meeuwissen-10/+13
Taken from http://www.linux-usb.org/usb.ids
2016-09-19utsushi.desc: sync with upstreamOlaf Meeuwissen-0/+40
2016-09-19niash: fix [-Wunused-but-set-variable] compiler warningOlaf Meeuwissen-3/+1
This makes explicit what the compiler has effectively been doing all along anyway since at least 727dd4ab (2004-08-03).
2016-09-19epson2: fix [-Wunused-but-set-variable] compiler warningOlaf Meeuwissen-17/+0
This makes explicit what the compiler has effectively been doing all along anyway since at least 728e032a (2009-06-01).
2016-09-19Keep generated *.eps and *.pdf files out of the repositoryOlaf Meeuwissen-0/+2
2016-09-18Sync autofooOlaf Meeuwissen-1/+2