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2013-08-15Improve snmp detection when cross compiling.Chris Bagwell-44/+63
2012-11-28Revert "forgot to do autoreconf"m. allan noah-79/+77
2012-11-28forgot to do autoreconfPaul Newall-77/+79
2011-11-07disable sane's libtool soname hack on mingwChris Bagwell-0/+2
2011-11-06More mingw portability updates.Chris Bagwell-730/+1620
2011-01-02fix missing comment #Chris Bagwell-12/+12
2011-01-02update generate files using latest autoconf tools.Chris Bagwell-3520/+5308
2009-02-06* configure.in, acinclude.ac: Cleanup autoconf 2.63 warnings.Chris Bagwell-101/+194
2008-02-20Library version definition fixesMattias Ellert-6/+1
2007-11-10Cross compilation fixes and libtool updateMattias Ellert-254/+583
2005-08-21Updated from libtool 1.5.18.Mattias Ellert-141/+224
2004-10-16Backport -framework support from libtool 2.0Mattias Ellert-16/+63
2004-10-11Update to libtool 1.5.10.Henning Geinitz-627/+611
2003-04-30Add support for -framework option for MacOS X (from Mattias EllertHenning Geinitz-20/+149
2003-04-30New libtool upstream realease: 1.5.Henning Geinitz-724/+1959
2002-12-30Update to latest libtool (1.4.3), config.sub and config.gues. This should fixHenning Geinitz-94/+171
2002-03-24Update to libtool 1.4.2. Included local changes: use soname "libsane" for allHenning Geinitz-811/+1782
2000-08-12Merge devel (v1.0.3) into head branch.Petter Reinholdtsen-2/+5
2000-03-05Merged main branch with current DEVEL_1_9.Petter Reinholdtsen-1084/+2664
1999-08-09Initial revisionPetter Reinholdtsen-0/+2453