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2016-06-26Add gettext build machinery files for I18N/L10N supportOlaf Meeuwissen-0/+3815
2013-08-15Improve snmp detection when cross compiling.Chris Bagwell-64/+230
2012-11-28Revert "forgot to do autoreconf"m. allan noah-5/+5
2012-11-28forgot to do autoreconfPaul Newall-5/+5
2011-11-06More mingw portability updates.Chris Bagwell-330/+724
2011-01-15Fix already-defined compiler warnings by adding some #ifndef in m4/byteorder.m4Reinhold Kainhofer-0/+36
2011-01-02update generate files using latest autoconf tools.Chris Bagwell-4321/+5292
2009-03-01* m4/byteorder.m4: Delete temporary file in all cases.Chris Bagwell-0/+1
2009-02-25* configure.in, m4/stdint.m4: Update to latest version toChris Bagwell-116/+87
2009-02-06* configure.in, acinclude.ac: Cleanup autoconf 2.63 warnings.Chris Bagwell-252/+938
2007-11-10Cross compilation fixes and libtool updateMattias Ellert-0/+6397
2006-12-07epson2: reordered includes, replaced __FUNCTION__, use the new byteorder macrosAlessandro Zummo-0/+1088