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+ <version>0.2.1</version>
+ <date>2017-02-18</date>
+ <initials>fs</initials>
+ <remark><p>Clarify that the CSI state is not restored when the stream is resumed.</p></remark>
+ </revision>
+ <revision>
<initials>XEP Editor (mam)</initials>
@@ -148,6 +154,14 @@ and responds to the ping with a pong -->
<iq to='juliet@capulet.lit/baclony' from='capulet.lit' id='ping1' type='result'/>
<!-- Stream state is now 'active' -->]]></example>
+ <section2 topic='Interaction with Stream Resumption' anchor='stream-resumption'>
+ <p>After a previous stream was resumed using mechanisms like
+ &xep0198;, the CSI state is <em>not</em> restored. That is, stream
+ resumption does not affect the current CSI state, which always
+ defaults to 'active' for new and resumed streams. Clients wishing
+ to immediately go to the inactive state should do so after stream
+ resumption.</p>
+ </section2>
<section1 topic='Security Considerations' anchor='security'>
<p>To protect the privacy of users, servers MUST NOT reveal the clients active/inactive state to other
@@ -182,4 +196,7 @@ and responds to the ping with a pong -->
+<section1 topic='Acknowledgements' anchor='acknowledgements'>
+ <p>Thanks to Florian Schmaus for his feedback.</p>