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2017-09-14ProtoXEP: Consistent Color GenerationJonas Wielicki-0/+282
2017-09-12Update JETvanitasvitae-27/+87
2017-08-24Merge branches 'feature/editor-tooling', 'feature/xep-0045', 'feature/xep-006...Jonas Wielicki-506/+1052
2017-08-24Merge branch 'jet' of https://github.com/vanitasvitae/xeps into feature/proto...Jonas Wielicki-0/+242
2017-08-24Update JETvanitasvitae-165/+242
2017-08-23Remove Makefile which should never have been thereJonas Wielicki-8/+0
2017-08-23Merge branch 'pubsub-compare-and-publish' of https://github.com/flowdalic/xep...Jonas Wielicki-0/+169
2017-08-23Fix bitrot in inboxJonas Wielicki-506/+649
2017-08-17Remove trailing whitespace from all XML files.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot-1102/+1102
2017-06-15Add Proposal for Jingle Encrypted Transfers (jet)vanitasvitae-0/+165
2017-04-20Add "Compare-And-Publish PubSub Items" ProtoXEPFlorian Schmaus-0/+169
2017-03-23Publish ecaps2 as XEP-0390Sam Whited-842/+0
2017-03-20Merge pull request #454 from Flowdalic/isr-sasl2-protoxepFlorian Schmaus-0/+586
2017-03-20Add ISR-SASL2 to inbox/Florian Schmaus-0/+586
2017-03-17Spelling/grammar changeBrian Cully-5/+5
2017-03-17Fix references to RFC 3629Florian Schmaus-1/+1
2017-03-16Publish SASL2 and IBR2 as XEP-0388 and XEP-0389Sam Whited-592/+0
2017-03-03ProtoXEP: Entity Capabilities 2.0Jonas Wielicki-0/+842
2017-02-23Convert line endings to Unix styleSam Whited-937/+937
2017-02-15ibr2: Simplify the stream features listingSam Whited-49/+25
2017-02-12Add IBR2 to inboxSam Whited-0/+400
2017-02-08Make sasl2 conform to the DTDSam Whited-3/+4
2017-02-08SASL2 - New SASL ProfileDave Cridland-0/+215
2017-02-08Accept cs2017 as XEP-0387Sam Whited-318/+0
2017-02-08Accept Bind 2.0 as XEP-0386Sam Whited-116/+0
2017-02-03Fix broken status on CS2017Sam Whited-2/+2
2017-02-02Add 2017 Compliance Suites to the inboxSam Whited-0/+318
2017-01-17Add "Bind 2.0" to the inboxSam Whited-0/+116
2017-01-11Update some copyright datesSam Whited-14/+2
2017-01-04Publish SIMS as XEP-0385Sam Whited-293/+0
2017-01-01Fix DTD issue in SIMS protoxepSam Whited-2/+2
2016-12-26Add inbox/simsSam Whited-0/+293
2016-12-22Add SIMS to inboxTobias Markmann-0/+305
2016-12-07Publish OMEMO as XEP-0384Sam Whited-383/+0
2016-12-07Publish burner JIDs as XEP-0383Sam Whited-249/+0
2016-12-07Publish spoilers as XEP-0382Sam Whited-193/+0
2016-11-23Publish IoT SIG as XEP-0381Sam Whited-57/+0
2016-11-14Clarify text in burner JID protoxepSam Whited-11/+12
2016-11-05Update spoilers protoxep based on feedback from MLtheSouL-46/+54
2016-11-01spoiler: add author initialsSam Whited-1/+1
2016-11-01Accept new "spoilers" protoxepSam Whited-0/+185
2016-10-31OMEMO: adapted to use Olm instead of AxolotlDaniel Gultsch-36/+120
2016-10-29Addressing burner JID ML feedbackSam Whited-25/+44
2016-10-28Remove old requirements section from burner JIDSam Whited-13/+0
2016-10-28Specify hash function unambiguously in burner JIDSam Whited-1/+1
2016-10-28More typo fixes in burner JID protoxepSam Whited-3/+3
2016-10-28Fix missing identity in burner JID ProtoXEPSam Whited-1/+1
2016-10-28Minor typo fix in burner JID ProtoXEPSam Whited-1/+1
2016-10-28Add initial draft of burner JID xep to inboxSam Whited-0/+242
2016-10-26Merge pull request #265 from legastero/patch-1Florian Schmaus-1/+7